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Koch Homeopathic Remedies

(2 ml. Carbonyl Group Homeopathic Remedies)

Wholesale Pricing: Email info@healthbreakthroughs.net to apply for wholesale prices as a qualified reseller, which includes healthcare practitioners and retailers.

Health Benefits
There are several mechanisms by which the Koch Homeopathic Remedies work to heal the body. First of all, the ingredients change the chemistry and metabolism of the cells such that all non self cannot easily survive. The remedies quickly cause the demise of a vast array of non self entities in the body by starving them of energy. Another newer understanding is that the Koch Homeopathic Remedies are the ultimate free radical scavengers. The fact of the matter is that there is no effective “macro” level for taking anti oxidant vitamins, minerals and phyto nutrients, which is because the more free radicals are eliminated in the body from taking mega doses of free radical scavengers, the more they are constantly replaced. Over doing free radical scavenging nutrients can also result in very negative outcomes in the recognition and attack mechanisms in the immune system. Current studies in mega dosing with too much Vitamin C (several thousand mg) proves that doing so can interfere with the exercise and repair process to build muscle and burn fat. The ingredients in the Koch Homeopathic Remedies work on the micro level of free radical scavengers to reset DNA mechanisms and stop the damaging effects of free radicals without trying to eliminate all of them.

Product Description
Each 2 ml vial contains a broad range of carbonyl molecular groups diluted to a standard 6X dilution homeopathically. The base is purified water.

Directions for Use
Each 2 ml vial is actually a small, hermetically sealed glass container to hold the Koch remedies. To access the contents a person holds the vial with a sterile piece of tissue and then breaking the vial open with a slight push and pull along a line that is clearly marked. After opening one end of the vial the contents can be tapped into the mouth or sucked into the mouth with a small straw. When putting the contents into them mouth make sure they go under tongue to access the mouth’s network of dense capillaries that can then enter the overall vascular circulation in the body.

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