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M-Power® Water Activation Unit

Health Breakthroughs's patented water activation technology for personal use to support optimum hydration. The water created with this technology is slightly more empowered as compared to creating activated water with the M-Water product.
Wholesale Pricing: Email info@healthbreakthroughs.net to apply for wholesale prices as a qualified reseller, which includes healthcare practitioners and retailers.

Health Benefits
Creating energized water with a “patented” M-Water Activation Unit duplicates the same water created by adding half a capful to a liter of clean drinking water. These units do not create concentrated water products, such as M-Water, Core Water and H2ORMUS but only ready to drink water. However, the M-Water Activation Units come with a life time guarantee to produce high energy, oxygen available and frequency signature compatible water, with the only reason to continue ordering the concentrated water product to take in small amounts as a way to boost the hydration healing response.

Product Description
The M-Water Activation Units are made of an indestructible plastic to house the internal components that transfer information to a bottle stationed in the enhancement chamber. The dimensions of the travel unit is 8 inches by 8 inches by three inches tall – with a central cavity – which makes this unit easy to take on trips ( both airline and ground travel). NMR studies prove that the water created in these units has a relatively smaller H2O cluster size that is responsible for higher stored energy and more available oxygen. It is easy to taste the difference by comparing activated water with water of the same kind that has not been activated: the activated water tastes so much better: refreshing, rich and smooth in texture. People often feel totally energized within a minute or two after taking a drink of water activated with our patent protected technology, while at the same time experience a profound state of clarity and ease (Energy with East). For many people, drinking any of Health Breakthroughs International water products is the first time they have been comfortable doing so.

Directions for Use
A plastic, glass and ceramic bottle/container of clean drinking water (purified, distilled, spring and artesian) ranging in size from half a liter up to a liter and half is put in the central enhancement cavity for one minute. After one minute the transfer of information is complete based on our patented protected mechanism to provide the same activated water created by adding a small amount of M-Water to clean drinking water.

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