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Distribution of 
MPS GOLD™ Glyconutrients
in South Africa by Charles Wilkdervanck, M.D.

Charles Wildervanck, M.D. is distributing MPS GOLD products in South Africa, with many doctors and the general public ordering from his company. Dr. Wildervanck states the following about his experiences with MPS GOLD products:

“I came to the conclusion that MPS GOLD is a very effective glyconutrient product, especially with regards to enhancing and balancing the immune system. I am the primary distributor for both MPS GOLD 100 and MPS GOLD 3X in South Africa and I use MPS-Gold with many of my patients, always as part of an integrated approach to wellness, with profound healing effects with many different health issues.

Compared to other glyconutrients it is my opinion that Health Breakthroughs International's MPS GOLD products are superior. There are a number of glyconutrient products that emphasize many different types of carbohydrate/sugars extracted from botanical (plant) sources, but I agree with the assessment that the eight essential sugars is marketing spin and has not real scientific basis. The only two glyconutrient sugars that make any difference when it comes to the immune system, overall cell to cell communication and stem cell growth are mannose and galactose. MPS GOLD 100 is the best glyconutrient product when it comes to containing a broad range of galactomannans (the combined molecular state of mannose and galactose as extracted from aloe vera gel). A detailed article that compares MPS GOLD 100 to other Glyconutrient products is posted at the m-powerhealth.com website.

The positive results from patients taking MPS GOLD 100 and MPS GOLD 3X include those with chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, osteo and other arthritis type conditions, allergic and other disorders. In my opinion MPS GOLD products may enhance stem cell production, because of what I have seen in my practice and through feed-back from practitioners, with the recovery from some conditions that involve the brain and nervous system as a whole. A few other doctors in South Africa are also using MPS GOLD products in their practices and their feedback is very encouraging.

I understand Heath Breakthroughs International is going to post the more serious clinical observations made at my clinic in the future, which can only be about the ingredients and not promotional in terms of product name. Health Breakthroughs energy/hydration water products, which I will start distributing throughout South Africa soon – M-Water and Core Water – will be an exciting, even more basic addition to the healing scenario, mainly through their proven effects on improved cellular hydration, hence metabolism in general, i.e. as an immediate source of energy and oxygen to empower the cells to make every organ, gland and system in the body function better."

Charles Wildervanck, M.D. 
Integrative Health and Family Practice
South Africa


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GMP: Health Breakthroughs International products are made according to Good Manufacturing Practices
MPS GOLD® 100 is a replacement for Manapol® and Acemannan®
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Successful Distribution in South Africa by Charles Wildervanck, M.D.
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