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For All Special Offers: order all products online at the shopping cart with a follow up email info@healthbreakthroughs.net about your special offer details, or call the office to talk directly to a staff member: toll free at 888-342-6772 or international at 503-771-6943.

30-Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee! Health Breakthroughs products are so effective that you have the right to return any product you have purchased in the original packaging within 30 days of the purchase dats and receive a full refund (not including shipping), no questions asked! (Money back guarantee, 10% off and 2for1 offers do not apply to any technology products or activation units.)

June 2022 special! Purchase products worth of $500 and receive a free case of M-Water ($240 value) or a free case of Core- Water ($1200 value)

Buy One, Get One Free Special Offer! This is the same as "2 for 1 on all products". Receive 2 for 1 on most of our products with no minimum requirements, with the Life Time 2 for 1 described below. This means that for every bottle ordered, you will receive another one for free. There is no limit to the number or bottles you order for any product to get the buy one get one free, which is the same as 2 for 1. The shopping cart does not compute the Buy One, Get One Free 2 for 1 Special Offer, which means that you need to send a follow up email or call us that you are taking advantage of the 2 for 1 special offer.

Life Time "Buy One, Get One Free" Special Offer! This month there is an opportunity to order at 2 for 1 prices for life! Simply place an order for $500.00 or more and no matter what changes are made in special offers in the future, you will still be able to order 2 for 1 on most products. Be sure to send an email or call us that you are registering for the life time program. This life time opportunity for the two for one pricing also applies to those who order the M-Power Perfect Health Program this month (even though the cost is less than $500.00).

Free M-Water Activation Technology extended through April 30, 2024! You can purchase at a discount or receive for  "free" a water activation unit to make ready to drink water at the same strength as adding M-Water to clean drinking water (two capfuls per gallon). This unit is small and compact enough to put in a suit case when traveling. In April 2024 the price is reduced from $2000.00 to $395.00. Also in April 2024 only you can receive a free bottle of M-Water if you purchase $1500.00 or more in product along with a free bottle of our super booster Core Water. (Purchasing $1500.00 also provides two for one for life based on the Life Time Program).

Questions or Comments: If you have questions or comments about the information presented in this section of the website, please contact our dedicated staff: by email at info@healthbreakthroughs.net or by telephone toll free in the USA at 888-342-6772 and international at 503-771-6943.


Biography of Dr. David Wheeler
Aloe Vera & Glyconutrients
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GMP: Health Breakthroughs International products are made according to Good Manufacturing Practices
MPS GOLD® 100 is a replacement for Manapol® and Acemannan®
Dietrich Klinghardt M.D., Ph.D. recommends M-Water: world renowned for his breakthrough healing research
Successful Distribution in South Africa by Charles Wildervanck, M.D.
Correct Breathing For Optimum Health