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Organic & Kosher Functional Food The Most Important Natural Product for Health and Healing!
MPS-Gold 100

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Product Description
Available exclusively from Health Breakthroughs International LLC, MPS GOLD® 100 comes in a loose powder form only and contains Glyconutrient molecules extracted from the gel of organically grown Aloe Vera. The MPS GOLDŽ 100 active ingredients are a combination of Galactose and Mannose with a complete molecular weight range of 10,000 to 5 million Dalton including 20% Acemannan®. Added to the MPS GOLD® formula is Larch Tree Powder, a prebiotic to support the health of the gut and increased absorption of Galactomannans from MPS GOLD® 100. There are three different bottle volumes of loose powder available: Large with 60 teaspoons, Medium with 30 teaspoons and Small with 15 teaspoons. The high concentrations of bio-available Mannose and Galactose in MPS GOLD® 100 are the most important biochemical components supporting cell-to-cell communication within the immune system and throughout the body as a whole.

Directions for Use
Add up to two teaspoons of MPS GOLD® 100 loose powder to water or juice for a tasty beverage. Take half a teaspoon a day for health maintenance with the largest bottle lasting four months, one teaspoon for moderate health challenges with the largest bottle lasting two months and two teaspoons a day for more serious health challenges with the largest bottle lasting one month. Mix MPS GOLD® 100 thoroughly and take first thing in the morning for maximum health benefits, waiting at least fifteen minutes before taking MPS GOLD® 100. Wait for at least one hour after eating or ingesting other liquids to take MPS GOLD® 100.

Veterinary Medicine and Animal Healthcare
Because injectable Acemannan® is no longer available from Carrington Labs, MPS GOLD® 100 is one of the few options for both Veterinarians and the general public to have access to a product with a high concentration of Acemannan® for animal healthcare. The FDA has approved Acemannan® for feline leukemia, but MPS GOLD® 100 delivered orally by mouth is much safer than injection. MPS GOLD® 100 is a very effective natural product for animals as well as humans, with all the same health benefits.

MPS Gold 100 Label
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GMP: Health Breakthroughs International products are made according to Good Manufacturing Practices
MPS GOLD® 100 is a replacement for Manapol® and Acemannan®
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Successful Distribution in South Africa by Charles Wildervanck, M.D.
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